KD Ushinsky, his life and pedagogical activity

  Peskovsky, Matvey Leontievich  (1843-1908).    
KD Ushinsky, his life and pedagogical activity: a biographical sketch of ML Peskovsky: with a portrait of Ushinsky engraved in Leipzig by Gedan. - St. Petersburg: type. Yu. N. Erlich, 1893. - 80 p., 1 p. front. (portrait); 18 cm. - (The life of remarkable people: the biographical library of F. Pavlenkov). -
Bibliography: p. 4 .
1. Ushinsky, Konstantin Dmitrievich (1824 - 1870). 2. Russia in the faces (collection). 3. The people (the collection).
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BBK 74.03 (2) 5-8
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Publisher тип. Ю. Н. Эрлих
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