Prince Victor Pavlovich Kochubei, 1768-1834

  Chechulin, Nikolai Dmitrievich  (1863-1927).    
Prince Victor Pavlovich Kochubey, 1768-1834: essay of life and activity / comp. ND Chechulin. - St. Petersburg: the printing house of the Chief Administration of the Units, 1900. - 57, [2] p. ; 21 cm. -
Article for the "Russian Biographical Dictionary", published by the Imperial Russian Historical Society.
Bibliography. in the end of the book. .
1. Kochubey, Victor Pavlovich (1768 - 1834). 2. Russia in the faces (collection). 3. Power (collection).
ББК 63.3 (2) 521-8Кочубей, В.П.
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