The course of calligraphy and office cursive

The course of calligraphy and office cursive writing: in six departments: ministerial handwriting, office cursive writing, direct writing, fonts: rondo, batard, Gothic, fractional, fashion-Slavonic: with 14 drawings and 192 drawings in the text. - 5 th ed. - Petrograd: Book publishing "Circle of self-education": printing house of S. Samoilov, [1915]. - 143, [1] p. : ill., Table. ; 14х23 cm. -
Cover name: Calligraphy: ministerial handwriting, clerical cursive, direct letter, rondo, batard, gothic, fractional, fashion-Slavic .
1. Russian language (collection). 2. Calligraphy Russian - Educational publications for self-education. 3. Russian language - Cursive writing - Educational publications for self-education.
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Publisher Книгоиздательство "Круг самообразования" типография С. Самойлова
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