The Laurentian Chronicle

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Original manuscript book from the collection of the Russian National Library, St. Petersburg: Laurentian Chronicle 1377 g Old Russian 173 l 4 ° (25 x 21 cm) Pergamen Pencil XVII in - boards in leather with embossing, remains of fasteners Code: FpIV2 - Text (symbolic) electronic publication
Content: L1ob-173obscript text, ince "Tale of Bygone Years", ending with 1305 g L 9ob breaks 898 g (6406), in the story "about books prelozhenie"; l 10 begins with the years count, from 922/6431 to 928/6437 g. L 169 is broken off for 1263/6771 g, on the Life of Alexander Nevsky; l 170 begins with 1283 (6791), and L 171 begins with 1294 g. There are loss of text related to the defect of the proto: there is no information for 1088/1089 (6596) g - l 69ob; for the year 1197 (6705) - 140 rubles; for 1203-1205 (6711-6713) years - l 142; for 1287-1294 (6795-6802) yy - liter 170 The chronicle ends with the news of June 23, 1305 (6813) on the burning of the church of St. Theodore (in Kostroma) on l 78a-85a - Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh - A digital copy is provided by the Russian National Library (St. Petersburg) in accordance with the Agreement No. 0404/12 of 040412. - Digitization: The Center of the National Glory of Russia - PSRL of St. Petersburg, 1846 T 1
The parchment list of the Laurentian Chronicle, rewritten in 1377 under the guidance of the monk Laurence, commissioned by the Grand Duke of Suzdal-Nizhegorodsk th Dmitry Konstantinovicha (1322-1383) writing type: regulations of handwriting and two semi-uncial handwriting; with l 41 in two columns: I (statute) - l 1-40ob (8 lines); II (scribe of Lawrence) - l 40b (from the 9th line) - 156g, 158a-161b, 162a-166g, 168a-173a and headers and initials throughout the manuscript, except for 1-10; III-l 157a-g, 161b (10 lines), 167a-g On the first screen of the teratological style, cinnabar On the first, 6ob, 7-7ob, 8 initials of the teratological style - cinnabar contour Small capital letters are mostly cinnabar, coloring inks Headings and initials of the cinnabar On the first ciphered XVI-XVII half-written record: "catch [e?] sh [n] ck" (those of Blagoveshchensky?) and a cursive writing of the first half of the XVII century: "Book of the Manor of Volozhimsky"; here is a scratched record by a half-record (it is not readable) On a record by the croonier of the second half of the sixteenth and the first half of the seventeenth century, on the sample of the pen (among them twice the beginning of the Cyrillic alphabet (a-3) , XVII c.) On the test of a pen with a cinnabar by the hand of a scribe: "Is it good n"? L, 118, 122with the handwriting of the XVII in: "Bolgar" On the 1st and 2nd hand of the XVIIIth: "The Chronicle"about the shortage of sheets on the bottom of the scribe's record-the chronological calculations made in 1764: "6813" from "1305" of the year to the present "1764" year will be "459" On the same sheet below, the entry (without the date) of the director Public Library AN Olenin about the gift of the Annals to the Library A and Mussin-Pushkin: "In this book", presented by the late Count Alexei Ivanovich Musin-Pushkin of the Imperial Public Library, there are one hundred and seventy-three interleaved sheets. Director of the Imperial Public Library Alexei Olenin "- Materials from the publishing house : 1) Opi Russian and Slavonic manuscript manuscripts. Manuscripts of the Russian, Bulgarian, Moldovaghia, Serbian / cadres of Sciences E E Granstrem; under the editorship of Doctor of Philology DS Likhacheva Leningrad, 1953 C 34-35; 2) Consolidated catalog of Slavic-Russian manuscript books kept in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries XIV century / Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Slavic Studies, Archaeogean Commission; Editorial Board of RAO S O. Schmidt [et al.] Moscow, 2002 Issue 1: (Apocalypse - Annals of Lavrentievskaya) / [Rarely: AA Turilov (ed.), etc.] From 552-555 - Materials from the site of the Russian National Library, a target="_ blank" href="http: // wwwnlrru / fonds / manuscripts / rushtm"> section "Funds of Slavonic and Old Russian handwritten books"
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