Peace in Brest

Vitort, Vladimir Tsezarevich (1886-1926).    
Peace in Brest: What was the price Russia paid for refusing to continue participating in the World War: Systemat. outlined. of all the most important conditions and decisions of the peace concluded in Brest. agreements between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey - on the one hand and Russia - on the other and related to it. treaties and agreements on economics. relations between Russia and each of the said powers separately; and also Ch. decisions of the world. agreement between the same powers and Ukr. b. rep. : (With a brief legal and political and economic explanations). - M.: Freedom, 1918. - 92 p. -
As a genuine manuscript .
1. The First World War (collection). 2. Brest Peace - 1918.
ББК 63.3 (2) 534-68
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Publisher Свобода
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