To war

Mylnikova, Ksenia    
To the war: from our days: drama: in the 1st act / op. Ksenia Mylnikova. - [Petrograd, 1915]. - 39 liters. -
The typewritten text on one side of the sheet.
The title page above the stamp: To the submission is allowed. Petrograd 19 december. 1915 Censor of dramatic works [signature illegible]. Stamp below: Stamp duty paid. For the assistant to the Governor of Affairs [the signature is illegible]. At the end of the book a sticker of pink color: According to the register No. 2313 on the St. Petersburg branch No. 1416. By order of the Directorate of the Imperial Theaters, is forwarded to the St. Petersburg branch of the Theater and Literature Committee on February 4. 1915 Acts 1. Assistant Clerk of St. Petersburg. The offices of the Imperial Theaters [the signature is illegible]. On the last sheet is the wax seal of the General Directorate of Press Affairs.
1. The First World War (collection). 2. The First World War - Fiction - 1914 - 1918. 3. Plays Russian - 19 - beg. 20th centuries.
BBK 84 (2Рос = Рус) 1
ББК 63.3 (2) 534-68
Electronic copy source: PB
Original storage: St. Petersburg. state. Theater. b-ka
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