About Russian language in Novorossiysk region

Zelenetsky, Konstantin Petrovich (1814 or 1812-1858).    
About Russian in the Novorossiysk Territory / [Prof. K. Zelenetskaya]. - Odessa: Izd. by order. the trustee of Odessa. training. District, 1855. - 34 p. ; 23. -
Author. is listed at the end of the preface. .
I. Zelenetskoy, Konstantin Petrvoich (1814 or 1812-1858) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. Russian language - Dialects - Black Sea Northern.
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Publisher Изд. по распоряж. г. попечителя Одес. учеб. округа
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