On the Code and its subsequent development

Moroshkin, Fedor Lukich (1804-1857).    
On the Code and its subsequent development: Speech delivered in the solemn meeting of the Moscow University by the ordinary professor, Doctor of Law Fedor Moroshkin, June 10, 1839. A brief report on the state of Moscow University for the 1838/9 academic year. [De ratione observandi in arte medica ejusque adminiculis et obstaculis: Oratio ... habuit Gregorius Sokolsky, pathologiae et therapiae prof. P. O. medicinae doctor]. - Moscow: In the University Press, 1839. - 87 p. ; 25 cm. -
Second speech in Latin .
I. Sokolsky, Gregory. II. Moscow University. Power (collection). 2. The Cathedral Code (the monument of law).
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