Defense of Sevastopol

Zayonchkovsky, Andrei Medardovich (1862-1926).    
Defense of Sevastopol: exploits of defenders: reading with projection pictures, borrowed from the book of the same author and under the same title, dedicated to the August Sevastopol to His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich / [composition] AM Zaionchkovsky. - St. Petersburg: the publication of the Pedagogical Museum of the senior lecturer. institutions, 1900. - 33, II p. ; 22 cm. - (Reading for soldiers and people) .
I. Pedagogical Museum of Military Educational Institutions (St. Petersburg) .1. Territory (collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Sevastopol, city (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Sevastopol - the city of Russian sea glory (collection). 5. The Sevastopol Defense - 1854 - 1855.
BBC 63.3 (2) 521.2-68
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Publisher издание Педагогического музея в.-уч. заведений
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