Orlovsky district at the end of the XVI century on the scribe book of 1594-5 gg.


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Smirnov, Pavel Petrovich (1882-1947).    
Orel County in the late XVI century on the scribe book of 1594-5 gg. / Pavel Smirnov; [with a comment. AM Gnevusheva]. - Kiev: Typography of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir акц. Society. N. T. Korchak-Novitsky, 1910. - [2], II, 334, [1] p. ; 26 cm. -
Bibliography in the preface and in the footnotes.
1. Territory of Russia: Orel region (collection). 2. Orel region: pages of history (collection). 3. Orel province - History.
ББК 63.3 (28-8Орл) 4
The source of the electronic copy: Орловская ОНУПБ
Location on the book: Орловская ОНУПБ
Издательство Типография Императорского университета Св. Владимира акц. общ. Н. Т. Корчак-Новицкого
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