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Original manuscript book from the fund of the Russian National Library, St. Petersburg: Ostromir Gospel 1056-1057 biography Old Slavonic 294 l 355 x 290 mm Pergamen Inks, cinnabar, paints, gold coded Cipher: FpI5
Contents: Short aprakos readings (l 2a- 204c): for 50 days from Easter to Pentecost - preferably reading Ev angels from John, 2 readings from Luke, 1 reading from Mark, 1 reading from Matthew (l 2a-56g); on the Sabbath and the Resurrection from Pentecost to New Year's Eve - the Gospel of Matthew (L 58a-88b); on the Sabbath and the resurrection of the "New Summer" - the Gospel of Luke (l 89a-119c); on the Sabbath and the resurrection of the meat and sultry weeks - one reading of the Gospel of Luke and three readings from Matthew (l 119b-124b); on the Sabbath and Resurrection of the Great Lent - mainly reading the Gospel of Mark, three readings from John, one reading from Matthew (L 127-143b); for each day of the passionate week - mainly reading the Gospels of Matthew and John, two readings from Mark, one reading from Luke (l 143c-204c) Gospel readings morning Sunday - 11 readings (L 204v-210g) Evangelical readings on Mesyatseslov (l 210g- 288c) Gospel readings for different occasions: "for the church's sanctification" - the title with the reference (l 288c); "in memory of fear" (l 288v-289v); "in victory to the king in battle" - the title with a reference (L 289v-289g); "over Chernorizets" - the title with the reference (l 289g); "for the aching husband and wife" - the title with the reference (l 289g); "over oleum" (l 289g-120v); "over the bessing" - the title with the reference (l 290v) Evangelical readings on the hours of passionate Friday (l 290v-294v) - Digital copy provided by the Russian National Library (St. Petersburg) in 2009

Ostromir Gospel - a monument of world culture - is stored in St. Petersburg in the Russian National Library The exceptional historical and cultural and scientific significance of the Ostromir Gospel is determined by the fact that it is the oldest surviving East Slavonic precisely dated manuscript book On the last leaf of the Ost of the Gospel there is an Epilogue written by the hand of Deacon Gregory, who performed the bulk of the work on text rewriting. In this Afterword, Deacon Gregory reports that he copied this Gospel according to the order of the famous Novgorod posadnik Ostrimir, in Joseph's baptism, in the reign of Prince Izyaslav Yaroslavich of Kiev (1024-1078 biennium) , son of Yaroslav the Wise), the work was begun on October 21, 1056 and finished May 12, 1057Ostromir Gospel written on parchment with the statute The book is remarkable for its rich decoration, which is painted with gold in the so-called Old Byzantine style, typical of Byzantine manuscripts of the 10th-11th centuries. In the Ostromir Gospel, three miniatures (images of the Evangelists John, Luke and Mark), about twenty exquisite screensavers with ornament of traditional enamel type, more than 200 large initials, whose ornamental pattern is never repeated The unique feature of the initials Ostromir The Gospels are unusual anthropomorphic and zoomorphic elements that attest to the artistic links of the monument not only with the Byzantine but also with the Western European tradition. Ostromir Gospel refers to the liturgical type of books of Scripture. In the main part of the text, the book contains evangelical daily readings from Easter to Pentecost, and also the Sabbath and Sunday readings for the following weeks of the year. The second part includes the Evangelical readings on Mesyatseslov starting from September, as well as a number of additional readings " 1806 The Ostromir Gospel was received by the Imperial Public Library (now the National Library of Russia) in 1806 The original binding of the monument did not come down to our days (for example, at the consecration of the church, "in victory for the king in battle", for aching men and women) Since the 1950s, the code has been kept in a woven form without binding in a special oak chest. The monument was restored in 1955 - The materials of the site of the Russian National Library were used, section" Exhibitions online "

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