Monuments of spiritual literature of the times of the Grand Duke Yaroslav I

spiritual literature monuments of the Grand Prince Yaroslav of times I / [Publication and introductory article A. V. Gorskogo]. - Moscow: in the printing house of Augusta Semyon, 1844. - 91 p. ; 23 cm. -
From the contents: p. 22-51: The word of Hilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev; from. 52-54: Confession of the faith of Hilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev; from. 55-87: Russian translation of the Word and Confession. - From "The addition to the works of the Holy Fathers in the Russian translation of 1844," Part 2.
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I. Gorsky, Alexander Vladimirovich (1812-1875) .1. Hilarion (Metropolitan of Kiev, 11th century). 2. Power (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russian language (collection). 5. Russian language - Writing monuments - 11th century.
BBK 84 (2Ros = Rus)
LBC 1 63.3 (2) 411-7
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Publisher В типографии Августа Семена
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