Letter of Alexander I to Napoleon I in connection with the entry of French troops into Russia

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Letter of Alexander I to Napoleon I in connection with the entry of French troops into Russia [Case]: June 13/25, 1812, Vilna. - Vilna, 1812. - L. 7-7th. - (Fund of the Chancellery of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Inventory No. 468). -
Written by hand, ink.
Text on the fr. .
Without a reg. and tit. l .. - On the 1st s. letters are stamped.
"My brother, yesterday I learned that, in spite of the conscientiousness with which I fulfilled my obligations to your Majesty, your troops crossed the borders of Russia, and just now I received a note from St. Petersburg, in which Count Lauriston, speaking of the cause of this attack, declares that your Majesty considered themselves at war with me from the very moment Prince Kurakin requested his passports.The motives that the Duke of Bassano had given in support of his refusal to issue him passports, by no means able to give me reason to assume that this demarche will ever serve as a pretext for an attack.In fact, Ambassador Prince Kurakin, as he himself said, never received orders to act in this way, and as soon as I became aware of his demarche, I ordered him to inform him, I completely disapprove of his actions, and ordered him to remain at his post.If it is not the intention of your Majesty to shed the blood of our peoples because of a misunderstanding of this kind and if you agree to withdraw your troops from the Russian territory, That everything that happened was not the case and agreement between us is still possible. Otherwise your majesty compel me to see you as an enemy, whose actions are not caused by my actions. It is up to your Majesty to save mankind from the scourge of a new war " .
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Source of electronic copy: WUA RI
Original location: WUA RI F. Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Op. 468. D. 6258.
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