Political maps of Europe and Asia

Benckendorff (noble family)    
Political maps of Europe and Asia [Case]: XVIII century. - [17--]. - 6 sheets (in an envelope). - (The Benckendorf Foundation, Alopeus, Shuvalov, Inventory No. 1). -
Before the title of the case: Benckendorff AK
The case contains maps: Universal map of the world; A map of Europe ; Map of Asia; Map of Africa; Map of America. Maps in Latin. The scale is different. Engraving. Water color, coloring. On the back of the cards is a text in German. - Sheets 2, 3, 5 are damaged .
I. Benckendorff, Alexander Konstantinovich (1849-1916) .1. Territory (collection). 2. Countries of the world - Political geography - 18 in .. 3. Political maps.
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Electronic copy source: PB
Original location: GARF. F. 1126. Op. 1. D. 1029.
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