The rules of stress in Russian

Yelsin, Alexander Ilyich    
The rules of stress in the Russian language. - Warsaw: type. M. Zemkevich, 1890. - [4], IV, X, 198 with. ; 22. -
Before closing. aut .: A.I. Yelsin; at the end of the preface: Alexander Ilyich Yelsin.
Dedicating. e. and. at. led. book. Konstantin Konstantinovich, August. President of the Imp. Acad. Sciences.
Contents: The theory of Russian stress; Formation and characterization of suffixes; Morphological patterns of stress; The basic and general rules for stressing all parts of speech. - Bibliography: p. X .
I. Konstantin Constantinovich. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Accent. 3. Russian language - Morphology.
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