Celebration of the 800th anniversary (1095-1895) of Ryazan


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Celebration of the 800th anniversary (1095-1895) of Ryazan: September 20 - 22, 1895 / under the editorship of. S.D. Yakhontov; Edition of the Ryazan Scientific Archive Commission. - Ryazan: printing house of the Provincial Board, 1896. - [2], 50, 126, III p., 4 inc. l. yl. ; 23 cm. -
On the copy of the ROWNB stamps: Scientific Library at the Yaroslavl State Museum. Library of Ivan Aleksandrovich Akhromeev. Yaroslavl .
I. Yakhontov, Stepan Dmitrievich. II. Ryazan Scientific Archive Commission. Territory (collection). 2. Ryazan region: pages of history (collection). 3. Ryazan, city - Anniversaries - 1895.
BBK 63.3 (2-2 Ryazan) m8
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The place where the original was stored: Ryazan UNDB
Издательство типография Губернского правления
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