Presidential Library: Combining the Past and the Future


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Presidential Library: combining past and future = Presidential Library: uniting the past and the future 2014: [quarterly calendar]. - Electronic data (1 file: 4, 84 MB). - (St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2013). -
Electronic copy of the original layout.
On the spiegel: the project of the buildings of the Holy Synod and the Governing Senate. Architect KI Rossi. 1832. Fragment; multimedia room of the Presidential Library; a view of the Presidential Library from the Colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral; facade of the buildings of the Government Senate. - The image is horizontal.
Published in the form of a wall quarter calendar, 3 blocks with a calendar grid on three springs. The beginning of the calendar: December 2013. Digital printing, paper; 84х29,5 cm. The calendar is equipped with an eyelet and a cursor .
I. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, city) - Calendars. 2. Russia. Synod - Building - History - Calendars. 3. Calendars of the Presidential Library (collection). 4. The people (the collection). 5. Quarterly calendars.
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