The Presidential Library was visited by the delegation of Taiwan

The Taiwanese delegation visited the Presidential Library: [photo-report] / President. b-ka im. Boris N. Yeltsin, Public Relations Service; Photos. A. M. Melentiev. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin, July 2, 2012. - 14 ph. : color. -
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On July 2, 2012, the Presidential Library the library was visited by the delegation of Taiwan headed by the chairman of the committee on international relations and defense of the Taiwan parliament Lin Yu Fang, as well as the ambassador of Taiwan to Russia Antonio Chen. For honorary guests, we conducted a tour of the Presidential Library. The staff of the electronic reading room told about the capabilities of users when working with electronic publications. During the talks between the representatives of Taiwan and the library specialists, the main theme was the research and cultural and educational activities of the Presidential Library for Statehood Issues .
1. Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - International cooperation - Photos. 2. St. Petersburg, city - Cultural relations - Taiwan, province (China) - Photographs. 3. Taiwan, province (China) - Cultural links - St. Petersburg, city - Photographs.
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