The prosecution of their majesty through the city of Yaroslavl in 1724.


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Lestvitsyn, Vadim Ivanovich (1827 - 1889).    
The prosecution of their majesties through the city of Yaroslavl in 1724 / [V. Lestvitsyn]. - Yaroslavl: in the printing house of the Provincial Government, censorship. 1884. - 10 p. ; 23 cm. -
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Dedicated to Vladimir Dmitrievich Levshin.
Without title page and cover .
I. Levshin, Vladimir Dmirievich.1. Catherine I (Empress of Russia, 1684 - 1727) - Traveling - Yaroslavl Province. 2. Peter I (Russian Emperor, 1672 - 1725) - Travels - Yaroslavl Province. 3. Territory of Russia: Yaroslavl Region (collection). 4. Yaroslavl region: pages of history (collection). 5. Russia in the faces (collection). 6. House of the Romanovs (collection). 7. Yaroslavl, the city - History.
ББК 63.3 (28-8Яро-2Ярославль) 511-8
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The place where the original was stored: Yaroslavl OUNB
Издательство в типографии Губернского правления
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