Process of the Decembrists

Process of the Decembrists: report, investigation, verdict, Rileyev's letter from the fortress, decrees. - Moscow: IA Malinin's edition, 1905. - 122 p. ; 26 cm. -
Cover name: Decembrists' process: orders, investigation, verdict, Rileyev's letter from the fortress, decrees.
579 people were involved in the investigation of the attempted coup d'etat on December 14, 1825. By decree of December 17, 1825, a Commission was established to search for malicious societies under the chairmanship of War Minister Alexander Tatishchev. On May 30, 1826, the investigative commission presented the emperor Nikolai with the most complete report compiled by D. N. Bludov. The Manifesto of June 1, 1826 established the Supreme Criminal Court. The result of the court's work was a list of 121 state criminals, divided into 11 categories, according to the degree of fault. Outside the categories PI Pestel, KF Ryleev, SI Murav'ev-Apostol, MP Bestuzhev-Ryumin, and PG Kakhovsky were sentenced to death by quartering. Among the 31 criminals of the first category, those condemned to death by cutting off the head included members of secret societies that gave personal consent to the regicide. The rest were sentenced to various terms of hard labor. Later, the "first-rate" capital punishment was replaced by eternal hard labor, and the five leaders of the uprising quartering was replaced by death by hanging. The "Decembrists' Process" contains documents relevant to the Decembrists: The order of the Chief of the General Staff of January 8, 1826, on the arrest of SI Muraviev-Apostol; Report of the Investigation Commission to Emperor Nicholas I on May 30, 1826; List of persons brought to trial; Report of the Supreme Criminal Court to Emperor Nicholas I; The painting of the state criminals, the verdict of the Supreme Criminal Court condemned to various executions and punishments; Decree of Emperor Nicholas I to the Supreme Criminal Court of July 10, 1826; Extract from the protocol of the Supreme Criminal Court of 11 July 1826 on the replacement of quartering with hanging; Manifesto of Emperor Nicholas I of July 13, 1826; KF Ryleev's immortal letter of July 13, 1826 .
I. Ryleev, Kondraty Fedorovich (1795-1826) .1. The people (the collection). 2. Decembrists in the history of Russia (collection). 3. Power (collection). 4. Decembrists - Documents and materials.
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