Russian Tsellarius, or Etymological Russian lexicon,

Helterhof, Francis (1711 - 1805).    
Russian Ecclesiastical, or Etymological Russian lexicon,: It is bold with the addition of foreign words in the Russian language to the use of accepted words, as with the abbreviated Russian etymology, published by the French historian Francis Gelterhoff, the German language lecturer in the Imp. Moscow University. - [Moscow]: printed at the Imperial Moscow University, 1771. - [16], 656 c. ; 8. -
The title and the foreword in Russian and German.
On pages 613 - 634: "Adding foreign words in the Russian language", on pages [3 - 9] - the list of signers for the edition .
I. Holterhof, Franz. II. University of Moscow. Typography. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Dictionaries - German. 3. Russian language - Etymological dictionaries - German. 4. Russian language - Lexicography - History.
ББК 81.411.2-41
ББК 81.411.2-428
ББК 81.411.2-4г
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Publisher печатано при Императорском Московском униерситете
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