A guide to learning the syntax of the Russian language

Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, Dmitry Nikolayevich (1853-1920).    
A guide to the study of the syntax of the Russian language / Prof. D.N. Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky. - 2 nd ed., Rev. - Moscow: Type. T.-W. ID Sytin, 1909. - 240 p. ; 20. -
On the region: Izd. T.-W. ID Sytina .
I. Kulikovsky, Dmitry Nikolayevich (1853-1920) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Syntax - Educational publications for secondary vocational education.
ББК 81.411.2-9-2
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Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher Тип. Т-ва И.Д. Сытина
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