Russian folk pictures. [T.] 1-2

  Rovinsky, Dmitry Alexandrovich  (1824-1895).    
Russian folk pictures. [T.] 1-2 / coll. and described by DA Rovinsky; dead. The work is printed under the supervision of NP Sobko. - St. Petersburg: edition of R. Golike, 1900-1901. - 286 stb., [7] l. color. yl. [T. 1] ; 520 stb., [8] l. color. yl, [T. 2]: ill. ; 32 cm. -
Each work included in the publication has a separate title page. Ex. Data: T. 1 1900. T. 2 1900 (turnover of Literature Lit 1901). The pointer is 1901.
In the book. Also: Alphabetical index to the work of DA Rovinsky: Russian folk pictures / comp. MF Fedorova. St. Petersburg: the edition of R. Golike, 1901. 64 stb. .. - Ex. PB them. B. N. Yeltsin at the 2 nd p. owner's binding with a sticker: Bookstore T.-Moscow M.O. Wolf. St. Petersburg. Moscow .
I. Sobko, Nikolai Petrovich (1851-1906). 1. The people (the collection). 2. Folk fine arts Russian.
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