Fisheries on Lake Onega

  Pushkarev, Nikolai Nikiforovich  (1864-1937).    
Fishing on Lake Onega: report to the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property / [with.] NN Pushkareva; MZ and GI Department of Agriculture. - S.-Petersburg: Printing house of V. F. Kirschbaum, 1900. - [2], VI, 260 p., 14 h. features, maps. ; 24. -
On the tit. l. stamp: Library of the General Staff .
1. Russia. Department of Agriculture - Reports. 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Fisheries - History - Lake Onega (North-West of the European part of the Russian Federation - Memories, memos, etc. ..
BBK 47.22 (912.2) y14
BBK 63.3 (283.0) 531y14
Source of electronic copy: NB Rep. Karelia
Location on the secret of the original: НБ Респ. Karelia
Publisher типография В. Ф. Киршбаума
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