A series of badges "40 years of Victory"

A series of badges "40 years of Victory": [photos] / photographer A. Melentiev. - Electronic data (6 files: 9.8 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. -
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Photos of six icons included in the series "40 years of Victory." Each icon has the form of a shield, in the center - a relief of a round shape with an allegorical depiction of the arms of the armed forces, individual military professions. On a circle of the image - slogans and dates: "1941-1945". In the upper part of the shield - a symbolic image of red banners and an inscription in two lines: "40 years of Victory." On the oval of the shield - a frame in the form of a wreath from the laurel branch and the St. George ribbon. Yellow metal. White, red, green and blue enamels. The size is 32x26 mm. Pin fastening. On the reverse side - the brand of the manufacturer: Experimental creative and production plant "Russian Souvenir", the price is 25 kopecks. Location: From a private collection. - The series features badges with slogans: "Glory to Soviet sailors!", "Glory to Soviet infantrymen!", "Glory to Soviet doctors!", "Glory to Soviet scouts!", "Glory to Soviet gunners!", "Glory to the Soviet people-victor! " .
I. Melentiev, Alexei Mikhailovich (1958-). II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). III. "Russian souvenir", experimental creative and industrial combine (Moscow) .1. The people (the collection). 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Victory Day - Anniversary - 1985 - Badges. 4. Souvenir badges - the USSR.
ББК 63.3 (2) 633-7ю9
Source of electronic copy: PB
Place of origin: From private collection
Publisher Президентская библиотека имени Б. Н. Ельцина
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