Stavropol. Memorial "Eternal Glory" on the Komsomol Hill

Voronova, Margarita Ivanovna    
Stavropol. Memorial "Eternal Glory" on Komsomolskaya Gorka [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [photo album] / photo by Margarita Voronova. - Electronic data (5 files: 18.4 MB). - Stavropol, 2005-2014. -
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Information about the photographs is provided by the Stavropol KUNB them. M. Yu. Lermontov. Date and place of the survey: the city of Stavropol, 29.09.2005, 05.25.2010, 02.06.2007, 04/25/2010, 10/20/2014.
The album includes five photos: 1) The monument of the memorial "Eternal Glory" and the guard of honor; 2) Change of guard of honor at the monument to the memorial "Eternal Glory"; 3) Bas-reliefs of the memorial "Eternal Glory": a Red Army soldier, a soldier and a partisan; 4-5) Monument to the memorial "Eternal Glory" and Eternal Flame.
The photographs depict the memorial "Eternal Glory", located at the foot of the Fortress Mountain in the center of the city of Stavropol. They will be built in honor of the participants of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars who fell for their Motherland. Opened on October 28, 1967. The memorial was designed by the architects MI Shchukin and GD Lamanov, sculptors by the brothers LE and ME Roberman. The monument is a large horizontally extended stele with bas-reliefs from the conditional portraits of a Red Army soldier, a soldier and partisan. Under the bas-reliefs - the words of the famous poet Gennady Fateev: "The happiness won by the struggle of the people, your life, forever." In front of the monument there is a platform of gray granite, on which the Eternal Fire burner is placed in the form of a five-pointed star. In April 1975, the remains of fighters of the 347 rifle division who died during the liberation of Stavropol on January 20-21, 1943 and died of wounds in hospitals, were transferred from the mass graves of the Uspensky and Danilovsky cemeteries and re-buried with military honors (126 people) near the memorial. Twenty years later, their names were inscribed on 11 small concrete stelae installed in the northern part of the memorial .
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