The Suprasl manuscript containing Novgorod and Kiev abbreviated chronicles

The Suprasl manuscript containing the Novgorod and Kiev abbreviated chronicles / [in the blessed reign of the Emperor and Autocrat Nicholas I, under the Minister of the National Enlightenment SS Uvarov; the maintenance of the Society for the History and Antiquities of the Russian, in the chairmanship of AF Malinovsky; works and care of Prince. MA Obolensky, chief inspector of the commission of printing state certificates and contracts]. - Moscow: in the Synodal Printing House, 1836. - XXV, 172, 32 p., 2 p. Fax. ; 25 cm. -
Cover name: Suprasl manuscript .
I. Obolensky, Mikhail Andreevich (1805-1873). II. Society of Russian History and Antiquities (Moscow). 1. Russian language (collection). 2. The Suprasl manuscript.
ББК 63.3 (2) 41ю12
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