Tabachkov, Fedor Ignatievich. Military ID. Serie A No. 278552

Tabachkov, Fedor Ignatievich. Military ID. Series A No. 278552. - Moscow: Ministry of the Armed Forces of the USSR, 1945. - 48 pp., In the region, paper; 11х8 cm. -
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Cover: USSR. Military ticket.
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Military ticket, series A No. 278552, issued to Tabachkov Fyodor Ignatievich, born in 1910, Frunzensky (Leningrad) by the district military commissariat on January 27, 1948. On the 2nd p. covers - last name, first name and patronymic, year of birth, personal signature of the owner, issued the body, date of issue, signature (rank and surname) of the issuer. There is a photograph of FI Tabachkov in military uniform (3x2.5 cm). The document is filled with purple ink, stamped, there are stamps (seals are blurred, part of the text is not readable). Completed: 2 nd and 3 rd with. region., with. 1-6, 10-11, 15, 32 .
I. Tabachkov, Fedor Ignatievich (1910-). II. Leningrad. Frunzensky District Military Commissariat. Tabachkov, Fedor Ignatievich (1910-) - Documents and materials. 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection).
ББК 63.3 (2) 622ю1
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Place of origin: From private collection
Publisher Министерство вооруженных сил СССР
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