Telegrams of individuals to OB Stolypin with an expression of condolences over the murder of PA Stolypin

  Stolypin, Petr Arkadevich  (1862-1911).    
Telegrams of private persons to OB Stolypin expressing condolences over the murder of PA Stolypin [Case]: September 1911 - 1911. - 195 l. - (The Stolypin Fund Petr Arkadevich (1862-1911), Minister of Internal Affairs Affairs, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Inventory No. 1). -
Ver. on the folder: PA Stolypin. Telegrams about the attempt on his life. Telegrams of private individuals.
Materials about the attempt of Bogrov and the death of Stolypin P.A. .
1. Stolypin, Olga Borisovna (1859 - 1944) - Correspondence. 2. Stolypin, Peter Arkadevich (1862 - 1911) - Murder - Public opinion - Documents and materials. 3. Russia in the faces (collection). 4. PA Stolypin: to the 150th anniversary of his birth (collection).
ББК 63.3 (2) 533-8ю11
Source of electronic copy: РГИА
Location on the paper: РГИА Ф. 1. D. 149.
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