The third youth international legal forum was held in the Presidential Library

The third youth international legal forum was held in the Presidential Library: [photo-report] / President. b-ka im. Boris N. Yeltsin, Public Relations Service; Photos. A. M. Melentiev. - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library. BN Yeltsin, May 16, 2012. - 34 ph. : color. -
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On May 16, 2012 in The Presidential Library named after Boris N. Yeltsin hosted the Third Youth International Law Forum of the Association of Lawyers of Russia. The forum was attended by about five hundred specialists, including representatives of federal legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation, leading figures in various legal professions, rectors and students of leading law schools in the country and the CIS countries. With a welcoming address to the forum participants, she addressed herself and. about. rector of the St. Petersburg State University M. Yu. Lavrikova. At the plenary session, VF Yakovlev, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation for Legal Affairs, VD Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Russia, Kenneth Harri Clark, Minister of Justice of the United Kingdom, and. about. Minister of Justice of Russia, AV Konovalov. Within the framework of the forum there was an open discussion "Profession of a lawyer in the modern world". Representatives of the Moscow legal community, including Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation PV Krasheninnikov joined the participants in the videoconference. The work of the conference was continued at the sessions of eight sections in the halls of the Presidential Library and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation .
1. Youth international legal forum (3, St. Petersburg, city, 2012) - Photographs. 2. Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Events - 2012 - Photos.
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