Chronicle of the First World War. V-201

Chronicle of the First World War. V-201 [Film: electronic resource]: [newsreels] / LSDF. - Electronic data (1 video file: 108.64 MB). - (, [20--]). -
Access mode: the Internet portal of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
The title from the accompanying document.
Duration: 10 min. Black and white, without sound.
In the lower right corner of each frame, the abbreviation: LSDF.
Original Resource: The Chronicle of the First World War. V-201 [Film]: [newsreel fragments] / LSDF. [Between 1914 and 1918]. Ch.-B., without sound. From the collection of Gosfilmofond of Russia.
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The film is a set of scenes depicting events of the period of the First World War .
I. Gosfilmofond of Russia. II. Leningrad studio of documentary films. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. The First World War (collection). 4. The First World War - 1914 - 1918 - Newsreel. 5. Historical documentaries.
ББК 63.3 (0) 532-68я04
The source of the electronic copy: Gosfilmofond of Russia
Location on the original: Gosfilmofond of Russia
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