Through the crucible of the imperialist war

Through the crucible of the imperialist war: (to the fourth anniversary of the world slaughter): a collection of articles by N. Bukharin, B. Volin, A. Lomov and N. Osinsky / The Russian Communist Party. - Moscow; Petrograd: The Communist, 1918. - 40 p. ; 22 centimeters .
I. Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich (statesman, 1888-1938). II. Volin, Boris Mikhailovich (1886-1957). III. Osinsky, N. (1887-1938). IV. Lomov, George Ippolitovich (1888-1937). V. RCP (b) .1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. The First World War (collection). 4. The First World War - 1914 - 1918 - Collections.
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