School education of Eastern Siberia in 1985-2000.

  Tolstikov, Alexey Valerievich      
School education of Eastern Siberia in 1985-2000. : (on materials of Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk region): the dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of historical sciences: specialty 07.00.02 "Patriotic history" / Tolstikov Alexey Valerevich; GOU VPO "Irkutsk State Linguistic University". - Irkutsk, 2009. - 23 p. -
Bibliography: p. 23 (3 titles) and in the footnote. note. .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. Eastern Siberia, east. science. 4. Irkutsk region., Ist. science. 5. Krasnoyarsk Territory, ist. science. 6. Secondary education - Siberia Eastern - con. 20 cent. - Abstracts of Dissertations.
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