Encyclopaedic dictionary of t-va "Br. A. and I. Granat and Co.". V. 41, part 6. North American United States - Tampa

Encyclopaedic dictionary of TV "Br. A. and I. Granat and Co." / artist. L. Pasternak. - 7 th ed. / Ed. V. Ya. Zheleznova, M. M. Kovalevsky, S. A. Muromtseva, K. A. Timiryazev, completely revised. - Moscow: Ch. the office of the company "Br. A. and I. Granat and Co.," 1910-1948. - 23-24 cm. -
On the region: 7 th ed. t-va "Br. Granat and K."
Ed. 1-6 published under the zagl .: Desktop encyclopaedic dictionary.
To the department. t. ed. add. leaflets, to tt. 1-15, 22-26, 28, 30-34, 36 (part 1), 37, 41 (parts 5-8, 10), 42, 45 (parts 2-3), 48-49 there are additional . leaflets in the form of Dep. brochures.
Загл. Part: Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Russian Bibliographic Institute "Br. A. and I. Granat and Co."; Part: Encyclopaedic dictionary of the Russian Bibliographic Institute "Granat."
In the part of the volumes of subzag: up to 33 volumes under the editorship of. prof. Yu.S. Gambarova, prof. V.Ya. Zheleznova, prof. M.M. Kovalevsky [and others] .
I. Zheleznov, Vladimir Yakovlevich (1869-1938). II. Kovalevsky, M.M. .. III. Muromtsev, S.A. IV. Timiryazev, KA. V. Pasternak, Leonid Osipovich (1862-1945). VI. Granat, A. and Co., a partnership (Moscow). 1. Encyclopaedic Dictionaries - History.
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41, part 6: North American United States - Tampa. - 7 th ed. - Editorial and expedition of the "Russian Bibliographic Institute Granat", [1929]. - 776 stb., [10] l. yl. .
1. Russia - the US: from the history of relationships (collection). 2. Encyclopedic dictionaries - History.
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