Archives of Prince Vorontsov. Book. 20. Paper graphs AR and SR Vorontsov

Archives of Prince Vorontsov / Ed. PI BARTENEV  .- Moscow: Type. AI Mamontova, 1870-1897  .- 24 cm
Book. 20: The papers of graphs AR and SR Vorontsov: letters of Count Markov [i.e. Morkova], Tamara, Italinskago, Baron Grima, Lizakevich .- 1881 .- [V], 531 p. .- In part of the circulation with. 465-511 are labeled incorrectly. The alphabetical index (pp. 513-520) is absent; Text of Russian., Fr. .
ББК Т3 (2) 4.01
ББК 63.3 (2) 5ю1
Source: RSL
Publisher Тип. А. И. Мамонтова
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