The Battle of Kursk

The Battle of Kursk: Brief. essay / Military. ord. Gene. the Red Army headquarters; Major-General Zamyatin N. M., Colonels Boldyrev PS and Vorobyov FD, lieutenant-colonels Artemiev NF and Parotkin IV - M.: Voen. Publishing House, 1945. - 97 pp., 3 liters. schemes: schemes; 21. - (From the experience of the battles of the Patriotic War). -
There is no attached. with schemas.
I. Zamyatin, N.M. .. II. Boldyrev, P. S. .. III. Vorobyev, F.D .. IV. Artemiev, N.F. V. Parotkin, I.V. VI. General Staff of the Red Army. Military History Department. The Great Patriotic War - Military operations. 2. The Kursk operation, 1943.
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