Great reform. T. 2

Great reform: [February 19, 1861-1911]: Russian society and the peasant question in the past and the present / East. commis. Textbook. ord. ORTZ. ; Ed. AK Dzhivelegov, SP Melgunov, VI Picheta . - Moscow: I.D. Sytin's, 1911
T. 2. - 1911. - 254, [5] p., [20] l. yl. : ill., Port. .
1. Peasant Reform of 1861 (collection). 2. Peasantry - Russia - 18 - 19 centuries .. 3. Serfdom - Cancel - Projects - Russia.
BBC 63.3 (2) -282.2
Landlord peasants in Great Russia; Peasant unrest before the XIX century; Legislation on the peasants under the emperors of Paul I and Alexander I; Military settlements; Opponents of serfdom in the early nineteenth century; Masonry and serfdom; The Decembrists and the peasant question; Secret committees under Nicholas I; Count P.D. Kiselev and the reform of state peasants; Specific peasants.\n\n.
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