Military Russian-Tajik Dictionary


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Military Russian-Tajik Dictionary: The dictionary contains about 4000 words and terms from the main military areas / Taj. Phil. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Institute of History, Language and Literature; comp. NN Ershov and others; consultant regiment. GI Shaipak; under the Society. Ed. Acad.-corpuscular EN Pavlovsky. - Stalinabad: State Publishing House of Tajikistan, 1942. - 216 p. -
Par. zagl. to the Taj.
The text of the par. on rus. and Taj. yaz. .
1. Russian language (collection). 2. Military science - Dictionaries - Russian language. 3. Military - Dictionaries - Tajik.
ББК 81.2Рус-7
Electronic copy source: BEN RAN. - Origin state: BAN RAN
Издательство Госиздат Таджикистана
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