The Volost court

  Harnack, Alexander Egorovich      
Volost court: Laws, government orders and circulars for peasants (their court, rights, duties and duties): A guide for all peasants, rural municipality, villages. and volost. gatherings and officials, such as: elders, collectors, taxes, foremen, volost judges and members of district and provincial peasant affairs: On high. ut. The position of 19 February, with all the later. legitimacies and explanations., in other volumes of St. Law. with adj. circulars of different. departments / comp. AE Harnack. - Moscow: Type. E. Lissner and J. Roman, 1878. - [2], 486, VIII p. ; 21 cm. - Ed. Also under zagl .: New Volost Court .
BBC 63.3 (2) 522-334
Copy source: RSL
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Publisher Тип. Э. Лисснер и Ю. Роман
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