State Chancellor Count Nikolai Petrovich Rumyantsev

  Ivanovsky, Anton Dominikovich  (1823-1873).    
State Chancellor Count Nikolay Petrovich Rumyantsev: a biographical sketch, with adj .: 1) Speech: On the purpose of the Society care for the wounded soldiers; 2) Materials for the history of the Sevastopol Defense; 3) Notes on the Sevastopol Museum; and 4) Appeals of E.I. Sovereign of the heir of the Tsesarevich [about collecting materials for the history of the Sevastopol Defense] / [A. Ivanovsky]. - St. Petersburg: In the type. FS Sushchinsky, 1871. - [8], 172 with. ; 20 cm. - Author. is listed at the end of the preface. Bibliography: "Works and journal articles as materials for the history of the Sevastopol Defense" (pp. 133-152) .
1. Rumyantsev, Nikolai Petrovich (count, statesman, diplomat, 1754-1826)
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