His Imperial Majesty's General Regulations or Charter

His Imperial Majesty the General Regulations or the Charter: According to which the state collegiums, as well as all of their offices, and the cantor ministers, not only in external and internal institutions, but also in the dispatch of their rank, submit to obey. - Moscow: [Synodal type.], 1725, March in the 20th day. - 40, [3] p. ; 2 °. - Circulation 550 copies. - On with. 40: Printed in St. Petersburg in 1720 February at the 27th day. And in Moscow against the floor 1725, March 20 day. - Without tit. l. - On page [3] Dictionary: "Interpretation of foreign speech in this Regulation." - SK XVIII. - SK 1708-1725. Extras. 395 .
1. Power (collection). 2. The General Regulations. 3. Colleges - Russia - Documents and materials.
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