Eleazar's Gospel

Eleazar's Gospel: [digital copy]. - Electronic text data (820 files: 939.5 MB). - (Pskov: Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, 2016). -
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Original manuscript book from the fund of the Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve: The Gospel Aprakos is full. 1532, 408 liters. 1 ° (28.5 x 19.2 cm). Paper. Inks, cinnabar, paints, gold. Binding prefabricated, XVI (?) - XIX centuries. - planks in velvet, on the top board a metal overlay - a frame of a perforated ornament with a curling stalk, a lining - paper and mica, in the center - "Crucifixion", painting of XIX century. Code: KP-34199.
The Eleazar Gospel (1532) is a book monument from the foundation of the Pskov State Unified Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve. It represents the aprakos Gospel, which became the contribution of a rich customer to the assembly of the Savior-Eleazar monastery, as evidenced by the record in the book itself. The text is filled with a clear calligraphic half-story, a golden ligature of titles, in paints with gold miniatures; luxuriously decorated and decorated by the artist screensavers of the new-Byzantine ornament with bright colors superimposed on the golden background, placed before the main texts; set of initials, made up of plant, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and wicker elements. - The manuscript consists of 52 notebooks, mostly 8 sheets, only a few notebooks have another account. This is due to the design - miniatures and veils. Four miniatures with images of evangelists inherit the traditions of Old Russian painting. The first is John the Theologian (1 v.), The second - by Matthew (51 v.), The third - Mark (l. 110 ob.), The fourth - Luke (L 146 v.). Each is separated by a veil of red or green silk. After the miniatures with the evangelists, in front of each of the large sections of the Readings of the annual circle, there are four large screensavers (L 3, 53, 112, 148). The fifth screensaver (L 259) is smaller, precedes the text of the Gospel on the Sabbaths and the weeks of Lent and is also combined with a great initial. The sixth screensaver (L 339) is a large one, located in front of the Mesyatses, but has a small initial. All screensavers are made in the New Byzantine style: a geometric ornament with a filling of flowers and leaves. The ornament of all the screensavers has sketches, incisions, hatching with white and ink. After each of the large screensavers, a headline is written, written in a large gold pattern. The initials in the manuscript 383 (large, medium and small) are all of the new-Byzantine style, in bright colors and are composed of plant, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and wicker elements with sketches, hatching, notches, crosses, etc. Part of the large initials has a thin edging gold. Zoomorphic initials include birds, winged dragons with bird heads, snakes; on several - growing from the stems of the huge head of dragons with sticking out red tongues. In anthropomorphic initials - "faces" in profile. For a more detailed annotation of Eleazar's Gospel, see the attached file. Materials provided by Volkova Svetlana Alekseevna, head. department of hand-written and rare books of the Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve .
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