Legislative acts of transitional time


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Legislative acts of the transitional period: 1904-1908. : a collection of laws, manifestos, decrees. Senate, rescripts and provisions of the Committee of Ministers relating to the transformation of the state system of, with the application of an alphabetical index / ed. pr.-Assoc. NI Lazarevsky. - Ed. 3rd, revised and additional. to 1 Sept. 1908 - St. Petersburg: Publication of the Legal book store "Right", 1909. - 1018 p. ; 18 centimeters .
1. Power (collection). 2. The rule of law in Russia. History and modernity (collection). 3. Russia - Politics and Governance - early. 20 centuries. - Legislative materials. 4. Russia - State system - early. 20 cent. - Legislative materials.
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