Notes of Prince S. P. Trubetskoy

  Trubetskoy, Sergey Petrovich  (1790-1860).    
Notes of Prince S. P. Trubetskoy: the publication of his daughters / [aut. pref. Z. S. Sverbeeva]. - St. Petersburg: Type. "Sirius", 1906 (region 1907). - 210, VI p., 1 l. front. (portrait), 3 liters. yl. ; 24 cm. - Contents: Letter to children; A letter to the unknown; Notes; Addition to notes; Excerpts from the notes of 1857-58; Notes on the notes of Baron Steingel; Letters from different persons; Applications: 1. Eastern question from the Russian point of view / Chicherin, BN. 2. Thoughts on the past 30th anniversary of Russia / [Melgunov, NA] .
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Publisher тип. "Сириус"
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