Notes on Russia General Manstein


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  Manstein, Christoph Hermann von  (1711-1757).     rus
Notes on Russia, General Manstein: 1727-1744: translation [V. V. Timoshchuk] from the French original manuscript of the author / [predisl. Mih. Semevsky] .- St. Petersburg: Type. VS Balasheva, 1875 .- 397 p. Sec. pag. ; 23 cm. - Trans. also under the heading: Notes historical, political and military about Russia from 1727 to 1744, Manstein's modern notes on Russia .
ББК Т3 (2) 463,013.13
ББК 63.3 (2) 512ю14
Source: RSL
Издательство тип. В. С. Балашева
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