John the Terrible

  Soloviev, Evgeny Andreevich  (1866-1905).    
Ivan the Terrible: his life and state activities: With a portrait of Ivan the Terrible engraved in Leipzig by Gedan / biogr. essay by EA Solovyov. - St. Petersburg: Type. and chromolite. P. P. Soykin, 1893. - 87 p., 1 l. portraiture. ; 20 cm. - (The life of remarkable people / biographical library of F. Pavlenkov). - Bibliography: "Sources and benefits" (p.4) .
1. Ivan IV (Russian Tsar, 1530-1584)
BBC 63.3 (2) 43-8Ivan IV
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Publisher Тип. и хромолит. П. П. Сойкина
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