Irkutsk Province Gazette. 1897, No. 10 (March 5)

Irkutsk Province Gazette . - Irkutsk: Irkutsk provincial government, 1857-
1897, No. 10 (March 5). - 20 seconds. Sec. pag. - Contents: A statement on the prices set for land transportation of weights and water alloys in the Irkutsk province. On the month of February 1897, a statement on the prices set for bread, forage and so on. on the Irkutsk province in 4 districts: Irkutsk, Nizhneudinsky, Balagansky and Verkholensky. On the month of February, 1897. .
1. History - Periodicals - Russia. 2. Irkutsk Province.
BBC 63.3 (28-8Irk) 531n51
Source of electronic copy: Irkutsk OGUNB
Location on the original: Иркутская ОГУНБ
Publisher Иркутское губернское правление
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