Issyk-Kul Orthodox Missionary Monastery in Central Asia

Bulgakovsky, Dmitry Gavrilovich (1845 after 1916).    
Issyk-Kul Orthodox missionary monastery in Central Asia / Svyatosh. Dimitri Bulgakovsky. - St. Petersburg: Type. VS Balasheva and Co., 1896. -40 p., 1 liter. kart. ; 24 centimeters .
I. Holy Trinity Issyk-Kul Monastery (Semirechenskaya oblast). II. Issyk-Kul Trinity Monastery (Semirechenskaya oblast). III. Issyk-Kul Orthodox missionary monastery (Semirechenskaya oblast) .1. Holy Trinity Issyk-Kul Monastery (Semirechenskaya oblast) - History. 2. Kirghizia: geography, ethnography, history (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Territory of Russia (collection).
ББК 86.372л
ББК 63.3 (5Кир) 5-37
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Location of original copy: РГБ
Publisher Тип. В. С. Балашева и К°
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