History of Suzdal Theological Seminary

Malitsky, N.V.    
History of the Suzdal Theological Seminary: (1723-88) / N. V. Malitsky. - Vladimir: Type. lips. of the government, 1905. -220, [1] p. -
Contents: Lists of students of the Suzdal Ecclesiastical Seminary of 1744-1788 .. - Otd. ot. from 7 books. "Proceedings of the Vlad. Academic Archdiocese". - The ex libris of LS Bogdanova.
I. Bogdanov, Leonid Semenovich (1893-1973) .1. Suzdal Theological Seminary - History - 1723-1788. 2. "Proceedings of the Vladimir Academic Archive Commission", edition. 3. Spiritual education Orthodox - Suzdal, city.
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