Caucasian mineral waters

Svyatlovskiy, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1851-1901).    
Caucasian mineral waters: In medical, historical, geological, ethnographic and other relationships: With the adj. essay, how to drink a mineral. water and swim in it: 41 phototype. species of waters and principal figures / Comp. V.V. Svyatlovskiy, b. the doctor the Ex. Kavk. mineral. water. - Ekaterinoslav: MS Kopylov, 1898. - [4], IV, 341 p. : ill. ; 25. - (To the 100th anniversary of the Caucasian mineral waters). -
Dedicating. V.A. Bashkirova.
Bibliography: "Literature on the Caucasian mineral waters and in general on balneology, balneotherapy, etc. (mainly Russian literature)" (pp. 335-341).
I. Bashkirov, Veniamin Alexandrovich. II. Caucasian Mineral Waters. Territory of Russia: Stavropol Territory (collection). 2. Stavropol Territory: pages of history (collection).
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Publisher М.С. Копылов
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